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Spring Vase


Spring Vase is a handmade wooden vase inspired by the simplicity of Japanese design. Made of ply, the layers of wood curve upwards into a graceful arc to create a dramatic effect.
Design: Samuel Ansbacher

  • Handmade wooden vase
  • Centrepiece and decor accessory
  • Japanese design
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    Product Description

    Inspired by the simplicity of Japanese design, Spring Vase is handmade in plywood and is a truly eye-catching and original decor accessory.

    The vase is equally stunning on its own, or with the addition of flowers. You can place several vases together to create a sculptural display – and arrange them in different configurations.

    The name of the vase has a double meaning. The shape is reminiscent of a spring about to release. And it also resembles a plant that is swaying in the gentle spring breeze.

    The apparent simplicity of its form belies the complexities of the design. Wooden layers seemingly float upwards, gradually curving into a gentle arc. The effect is one of lightness and tranquility. A semi flexible silicone core flows through the centre to hold flowers and help support the cantilever.

    Spring Vase makes a stylish centrepiece for your table, and a beautiful decor accessory all around your home.

    Material: Solid plywood and silicone.

    Dimensions: H 17cm W 6cm D 6cm

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    Additional Information

    Weight .500 kg
    Dimensions 6 x 6 x 17 cm