Herb Infuser from Mocha

Herb Infuser

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Herb Infuser is perfect for seasoning and enhancing your soups, stews and stocks. And it prevents the herbs locked inside from escaping into the pot.
Design: Klipy

  • Infuser for herbs
  • Perfect for making homemade soup and stew
  • Kitchen accessories
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    Product Description

    Herb Infuser helps you flavour your soups, stocks and stews to perfection.

    There’s nothing quite as tasty as a hearty homemade soup. And the addition of fresh herbs and spices makes it even more delicious. But if you’ve ever burnt your fingers and got frustrated while trying to pick the herbs out of your soup, then you’ll really appreciated this infuser.

    To use, simply place your herbs and spices inside the infuser and then close. The practical design enables the ingredients to infuse your dishes, but prevents them from escaping.

    Herb Infuser is dishwasher safe and also easy to clean by hand. And it is heat resistant and 100% food safe.

    Colour: Cream
    Dimensions: H 12cm x W 6cm

    Additional Information

    Weight .300 kg
    Dimensions 6 x 12 cm

    Green, White