Handmade Ceramic Bowl in grey and cobalt from Mocha Casa

Handmade Ceramic Bowl in Grey and Cobalt Blue

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Handmade Ceramic Bowl in Grey and Cobalt Blue brings a taste of the Mediterranean to your table. It’s the perfect bowl to take you through the day and stylish enough to use for special occasions. Inspired by antiquity and designed for today, the ceramic bowl is made by hand on a pottery wheel. The inside is glazed with glossy cobalt blue glaze, while the outside is unglazed so you can feel the natural texture of the grey clay.
Design: Studio Wetwo

  • Ceramic bowl ideal for soups, salad, fruit, cereal and snacks
  • Homemade glaze that is food safe
  • Handmade Mediterranean style tableware

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    Product Description

    Handmade Ceramic Bowl is full of contrasts with an understated beauty. Rustic yet elegant, the outside is grey, with the raw texture of unglazed clay. While on the inside it is glazed in a deep glossy cobalt blue.

    Inspired by antiquity, but a design is decidedly contemporary. It is infused with Mediterranean spirit, and a colour scheme that is typically Scandinavian.

    This handmade grey and blue bowl can seamlessly take you through the day from cereal or porridge for breakfast, to mid-morning snacks of fruit, hearty soups and salads for lunch or dinner. And then to a relaxing evening on the sofa with a bowl of nuts. And it’s also stylish enough to use when entertaining or for dips and snacks at a party.

    The bowl is traditionally made by hand on a pottery wheel and is finished with a homemade glaze that is food safe. Each piece is made with care and goes through an extensive process of wheel throwing, drying, firing, cooling, drawing/glazing and second firing.

    Handmade Ceramic Bowl is safe for hot and cold food and suitable for use in microwave. It can be placed in a dishwasher, but we recommend to wash it by hand. Handle with care.

    Material: Ceramic.
    Dimensions: Dia 13cm H 7.5cm (approx)
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