Piccolo Shelf For Small Spaces, Plants And Photos

Piccolo Shelf from Mochacasa

Piccolo Shelf is designed with small spaces in mind. This little wall shelf can be used to display succulents, trailing plants, photos, vases and other favourite decor objects. It also makes a handy shelf while charging a smartphone.

The wall shelves are handmade in birch ply with rounded edges that enhance the beauty of the wood. The design is deliberately kept simple so as to enhance plants and accessories displayed on it. It is also reversible so you can choose whether to hang with the wall support facing down or upwards.

For the best effect, hang them on the wall in groups of three, five or six.

The shelf is called Piccolo (Italian for tiny – inspired by the designer’s Italian speaking mum) because it is a perfectly formed little shelf for small things.

Piccolo Shelf from Mocha Casa with trailing succulent plant

Piccolo Shelves with vases filled with olive branches

Piccolo Shelf used as a phone shelf from Mocha Casa

Marco Frame Shelf For Plant And Book Lovers

Marco Frame Shelf from Mocha Casa

Marco Frame Shelf is designed with plant and book lovers in mind. The shelf frames and displays your plants, books and home accessories. It makes a focal point of them, turning them into works of art.

There are numerous ways to use this handmade birch ply shelf. Display a lush fern, a sculptural succulent or colourful geranium. Frame your best book, or a small collection of them. Highlight a sentimental holiday souvenir, exquisite vase or bowl.

It can even be used in place of a bedside table – ideal if space is tight or when looking to create a minimalist interior.

The back can either be left open so the colour of the wall shows through. Or attach a quote or picture to create a background.

Marco Frame Shelf with geranium from Mocha Casa

Marco Frame Shelf with Poldark Book

Marco Frame Shelf from Mocha with books

Marco Frame Shelf from Mocha with quotation


Introducing Pacco Floating Drawer: Birch White

Pacco Floating Drawer Birch White from Mocha

Simple, functional, stylish and versatile. Pacco Floating Drawer: Birch White is the new addition to the best-selling Pacco series.

The wall mounted floating shelf with integral drawer is handmade in solid birch ply with a white drawer front. And is designed by Samuel Ansbacher, exclusively for Mocha.

Pacco Floating Drawer White Birch designed by Samuel Ansbacher

The space-saving Pacco Floating Drawers can be used in many different ways around the home. They are perfect for use as bedside tables – especially for small bedrooms. Or as a console table for the hallway to hold essentials like keys, wallet and phone. Pacco can be used to create a modular wall unit of floating shelves. So that beautiful home accessories and books can be kept on display. While clutter can be hidden out of sight in the drawers.

Pacco Floating Drawer in Birch White from Mocha

Pacco Floating Drawer Birch White by Samuel Ansbacher for Mocha

They can also be hung vertically down the wall to create a floating drawer unit.

The name of the drawer was inspired by the designer’s Italian speaking mum. Pacco is Italian for package. Because with its simple, clean lines and rounded front edge, it resembles a package. And everyone loves a wrapped up parcel containing a surprise.


Ruler Shelf

Ruler Shelf from Mocha

Ruler Shelf is a floating wall shelf inspired by vintage yardsticks and Mid-Century modern design.

Designed by Samuel Ansbacher, exclusively for Mocha, the shelf is handmade in plywood. It features dark inlays which resemble ruler markings, and rounded profile edges on the front.

The shelf is designed so that it can either be hung on its own, or side by side in a series to create the impression of an extra long shelf.

The versatile Ruler Shelf is perfect for displaying decor accessories, as a bookshelf for paperbacks, or to add a vintage touch in the kitchen. And it’s a great way to add some character to the interior of a home office.

Dimensions: H 40cm x H 6cm x D 15cm

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Ruler Shelf from Mocha

Grass Floating Shelf

Grass Floating Shelf by Samuel AnsbacherGrass Floating Shelves are designed to look as though they have grass growing around the front edge of them. Designed by Samuel Ansbacher, these original handmade floating shelves have just been launched by Mocha.

Made of birch ply and synthetic grass, the curvy Grass Floating Shelf  is a perfect way to add some greenery and give a fresh new look to the home or office. They can be used as bookshelves, for displaying home accessories or in the hallway for storing keys and mail. They also make great floating bedside tables – especially where space is tight.

The floating shelves are reversible, so you can choose which side you prefer to have the wider and narrower shelf depths.

Dimensions: L 40.4cm D 14-17 cm H 5.8cm
Price: £49.99

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