Sugar House Snow Globe Sugar Bowl

Sugar House Snow Globe Sugar Bowl from mochacasa

Sugar House Snow Globe Sugar Bowl turns a classic souvenir into a daily kitchenware item. Featuring an enchanted house within that looks like it’s surrounded by snow, this dazzling sugar bowl makes a coffee break that much sweeter. And when not in use, it makes a beautiful decor accessory to display on your kitchen counter or on an open shelf.

Sugar House Snow Globe Sugar Bowl from mochacasa

To open, simply turn upside down, unscrew the base and spoon out the desired amount. The weight of the sugar will prevent the globe from tipping over.

Sugar House Snow Globe Sugar Bowl from mochacasa

You can also use Sugar House Snow Globe as a tea or coffee canister.

Tom Dick & Harry Storage Jars

Tom Dick and Harry Storage JarsTom Dick and Harry Storage Jars are an original set of kitchen jars for storing tea,coffee and sugar and will add a sense of fun to your daily tea or coffee making routine.

At first glance, Tom Dick and Harry Storage Jars appear to be three identical little characters. But if you look closely, the glints in their eyes indicate what’s inside. T: Tea C: Coffee S: Sugar.

Their heads are cleverly designed with room to fit the handle of a spoon, and a silicone rubber seal will keep the contents fresh.

Comes as a set of three.

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Pop Sugar Dispenser

Pop Sugar DispenserPop Sugar Dispenser is a fun and practical sugar doser that pours one spoon of sugar at a time.

To use, simply press the silicone button, tip up and the sugar will pour one teaspoon at a time. When finished, just press to close.

Make from glass and silicone, the innovative design of the shaker keeps your sugar dry.

Price: £6.99

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Herb Keeper

Herb KeeperHerb Keeper is a clever solution for storing and extending the life of your fresh herbs, and preventing wastage.

The stems are immersed in water for freshness and hydration that extends beyond refrigeration alone.

The Cuisipro herb container has a unique suspended tray system that holds the herb bunches together, making it easy to store and access the required amount. The removable tray lifts for easy draining. The Herb Keeper is also suitable for storing asparagus.

Price: £15.99

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Woodstock Storage Containers

Woodstock Storage ContainersWoodstock Storage Containers are designed to look like they are made from wooden logs.

This set of two storage containers are ideal for use as a biscuit tin and for storing food. They are also great for storage around the home, or to keep on your desk as a pen holder.

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