Kitchen Accessories With A Yellow Theme

Yellow kitchen accessories from Mocha Casa

Yellow. It’s the colour associated with optimism, creativity. It’s the colour of sunshine and spring.

So what could be a more perfect way to bring some spring into your home, than with the colour yellow? And being that it is the colour of creativity, some new kitchen accessories in this bright sunshine hue could be the perfect way to add a fresh new twist to your meals.

Tea Sub Submarine Tea Infuser

Tea is the most popular drink in the world after water. Instant tea however, is no longer as in demand as it once was. The taste now is for loose leaf tea. So get yourself this on trend Tea Sub Submarine Tea Infuser and explore a new world of tea flavours.

Karoto Sharpener and Peeler in yellow

With spring fast approaching, it’s time to get back to healthy eating and delicious salads. With the Karoto Sharpener and Peeler you can garnish your salads with vegetable curls and ribbons – making them look even more tempting.

Spredo Butter Spreader and Salt Shaker from Mocha

Warm weather also means barbecue season. And what barbecue would be complete without corn on the cob? Spredo Butter Spreader and Salt Shaker is the perfect corn on the cob accessory. Place a chunk of butter inside to spread evenly on your corn without any mess. Then turn over to sprinkle on the salt held inside the integral salt shaker.


Tea Towel Horseshoe Arch Yellow from Mocha Casa

With this vibrant yellow Horseshoe Arch Tea Towel, even the washing up – one of our least favourite jobs – will seem more enjoyable. All the more so, after a great meal thanks to the assistance of some of your exciting new kitchen accessories. And when you’re not using it to dry the dishes, this stylish tea towel will make a great design statement in your kitchen.

How are you going to add some yellow to your kitchen for the new season?


Piccolo Shelf For Small Spaces, Plants And Photos

Piccolo Shelf from Mochacasa

Piccolo Shelf is designed with small spaces in mind. This little wall shelf can be used to display succulents, trailing plants, photos, vases and other favourite decor objects. It also makes a handy shelf while charging a smartphone.

The wall shelves are handmade in birch ply with rounded edges that enhance the beauty of the wood. The design is deliberately kept simple so as to enhance plants and accessories displayed on it. It is also reversible so you can choose whether to hang with the wall support facing down or upwards.

For the best effect, hang them on the wall in groups of three, five or six.

The shelf is called Piccolo (Italian for tiny – inspired by the designer’s Italian speaking mum) because it is a perfectly formed little shelf for small things.

Piccolo Shelf from Mocha Casa with trailing succulent plant

Piccolo Shelves with vases filled with olive branches

Piccolo Shelf used as a phone shelf from Mocha Casa

Marco Frame Shelf For Plant And Book Lovers

Marco Frame Shelf from Mocha Casa

Marco Frame Shelf is designed with plant and book lovers in mind. The shelf frames and displays your plants, books and home accessories. It makes a focal point of them, turning them into works of art.

There are numerous ways to use this handmade birch ply shelf. Display a lush fern, a sculptural succulent or colourful geranium. Frame your best book, or a small collection of them. Highlight a sentimental holiday souvenir, exquisite vase or bowl.

It can even be used in place of a bedside table – ideal if space is tight or when looking to create a minimalist interior.

The back can either be left open so the colour of the wall shows through. Or attach a quote or picture to create a background.

Marco Frame Shelf with geranium from Mocha Casa

Marco Frame Shelf with Poldark Book

Marco Frame Shelf from Mocha with books

Marco Frame Shelf from Mocha with quotation


Naomi Nutcracker

Naomi Nutcracker from Mocha Casa

Meet our newest addition Naomi Nutcracker.

Combining beautiful aesthetics, function and fun in one clever gadget – Naomi isn’t like other nutcrackers.

More often than not, when you try cracking nuts with other gadgets, the nuts smash into pieces and shell shrapnel is sent flying across the room!

Not so with the wonderful, spring Naomi. Your nut is placed in the stainless steel bowl. Then you stretch the spring and as soon as you release the ball, it slams down and cracks open the nut. And at that same moment, the conical spring closes around the nut, confining the shell fragments within the nut cracker.

Simple, stylish, and a joy to use. Which probably explains why Naomi Nutcracker is a Reddot Award Winner.

Introducing Pacco Floating Drawer: Birch White

Pacco Floating Drawer Birch White from Mocha

Simple, functional, stylish and versatile. Pacco Floating Drawer: Birch White is the new addition to the best-selling Pacco series.

The wall mounted floating shelf with integral drawer is handmade in solid birch ply with a white drawer front. And is designed by Samuel Ansbacher, exclusively for Mocha.

Pacco Floating Drawer White Birch designed by Samuel Ansbacher

The space-saving Pacco Floating Drawers can be used in many different ways around the home. They are perfect for use as bedside tables – especially for small bedrooms. Or as a console table for the hallway to hold essentials like keys, wallet and phone. Pacco can be used to create a modular wall unit of floating shelves. So that beautiful home accessories and books can be kept on display. While clutter can be hidden out of sight in the drawers.

Pacco Floating Drawer in Birch White from Mocha

Pacco Floating Drawer Birch White by Samuel Ansbacher for Mocha

They can also be hung vertically down the wall to create a floating drawer unit.

The name of the drawer was inspired by the designer’s Italian speaking mum. Pacco is Italian for package. Because with its simple, clean lines and rounded front edge, it resembles a package. And everyone loves a wrapped up parcel containing a surprise.