Urban Jungle Bloggers: Spring Styling

Mediterranean Vignette from Mocha

I am really happy to be joining the Urban Jungle Bloggers this month.

If you haven’t come across it before, Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series initiated by two bloggers: Igor of Happy Interior Blog and Judith of JOELIX.com. Every month a group of bloggers join up and share ideas to create an urban jungle through styling ideas, DIYs, green tips and tricks. And each time there is a different theme. It’s a great way to get inspiration for adding more biophilia into your home.

This month’s topic is green Spring styling. And the challenge was to create a fresh Spring vignette or tabletop styling with green plants.

One of the first things that came to mind was to give it a Mediterranean theme. Because it seems so synonymous with spring. Warm sunny days, simple living, fresh ingredients, natural materials – and of course, herbs and plants.

Rosemary plant - Mocha

My starting point was a Rosemary plant – a herb that is native to the Mediterranean region. I thought it would be perfect for the table, as it is very decorative with its evergreen needle-like leaves. And it usually starts flowering in spring with delicate white, blue or purple flowers. Rosemary also has a beautiful aroma. And it’s wonderful to add to your cooking!

Terracotta pots from Mocha

I placed it into a rustic, textured terracotta pot. And tied a thin brown leather string around it to add some subtle decoration.

Terracotta has been used as a material for plant pots in Mediterranean countries since the times of antiquity. In fact, the word terra cotta comes from Latin and means “baked earth”.

I thought it might be nice to link back to its origins in the vignette, bringing ancient and modern together. So I added some small decorative terracotta pots, which look similar to the ones from ancient Greece and Rome.

cobalt blue bottle - mediterranean styling from Mocha

To introduce some colour, I added a curvaceous glass bottle in cobalt blue. Which I used as a vase. And continuing the theme, I filled it with some olive branches.

Olive branch Mocha

The colour blue is of course, so evocative of the Mediterranean. (And it also matches my dinner plates perfectly!)

Urban Jungle Bloggers Spring styling from Mocha

I really enjoyed the challenge of creating a fresh Spring Mediterranean vignette. And it was a great learning experience to tell a visual story. To think about what to include, as well as what to leave out. I hope you like the results?

And if you want to see all the other lovely creations this month, visit the Urban Jungle Bloggers Facebook Page or Pinterest Board.

[Images: Mocha]



  1. This is such a wonderful vignette Sarah! It sort of sets me in the mood for my upcoming Israel trip!

  2. Thank you for this “virtual” trip to the Mediterranean, Sarah! I can almost smell the rosemary, hmmm!