Urban Jungle Bloggers: Planty Wishes For 2016

Pyramid Phone Holder and plant

I took this photo to share to Instagram of how my phone sits on the Pyramid beside a plant on my desk. Looking at the picture again I suddenly realised that it tells a whole story in and of itself.

How, through the power of the internet and with the help of technology like smarphones, we are now able to connect and communicate with each other – wherever we are in the world.

As a result, I’ve been able to get to know (and make some friends along the way!) with other like-minded people who share a love for plants and design, nature and beautiful interiors. Amazing people such as Igor and Judith for example! And because of them I became part of the Urban Jungle Blogger community, which I’m so happy to be a part of.

I’m also so thankful that it enables me to share with you plant and interior inspiration, as well as our own homeware designs. And grateful for your input and feedback whether by email, social media, the online store or this blog.

Plants and tablet on bench - mochacasa

For this Urban Jungle Bloggers post I have been asked to share my planty wishes for 2016

So my wishes include that there will be lots more writing about plants, biophilia and interiors. And that Samuel and I will be able to bring you many more new and exciting designs for your home.

I hope we keep being inspired, inspiring one another and connecting in positive ways.

Rainmaker plant watering cloud with areca palm from MochaCasa

Above all may we all have an abundance of health, happiness, success and all good things for 2016!

[Images: Sarah Ansbacher]



  1. Yesssss, let’s make your wish come true in 2016, Sarah! And that cloud watering tool is so cool, I have it too and it always makes me smile <3 Happy holidays to you and Samuel! Here's to more beautiful planty Mocha products in the new year!

    • Thanks for your good wishes. Happy holidays to you and yours and may 2016 be a planty and peaceful one with plenty more exciting Urban Jungle Blogger projects 🙂