The Perfect Pairing That Is Bookshelves And Stairs

The perfect pairing that is bookshelves and stairs - on Mocha Casa blog

Stairs are a fascinating architectural element.

Always dynamic, they transport us from one place to the next, from one floor to another. A staircase can be a design feature in its own right.

Much like stairs, books also take you on a journey. They can transport you to another place, another world or another time. Which may be why, when you blend the two together you have the perfect interior pairing. And the resulting staircase bookshelf is something magical.


9 Clever Designs That Integrate Storage With Stairs

Nine Clever Designs That Integrate Storage With Stairs | Mocha UK Blog

There are two elements of interior design I find particularly fascinating: staircases and smart storage ideas.

Staircases are transitional spaces that take you on a journey, transporting you from one area to another. While at the same time, their forms can also create an interesting architectural feature or focal point.

And who ever has enough storage? I love finding new solutions – especially those that use space in such innovative ways.

Now put the two together and you have a dynamic combination!

There are so many clever ways storage can be integrated with stairs: under, over and even inside.

Here are a few inspired ideas showing different ways your staircase can be used to provide valuable extra storage space, or serve an additional purpose.