Introducing A New Interior Design eBook About Small Spaces

Interior Design ebook - Move Into A Bigger Place Without Moving At All - Small Spaces - Mocha Casa

What is the biggest interior design dilemma you have with your home?
If it’s to do with not having enough space, then you’re not alone.

A study carried out by the University of Cambridge found that homes in the UK are among the smallest in Europe with the average new build now covering just 76 sq m!

And when I sent out a survey to some of our blog readers and customers, asking a question in a similar same vein, the replies I received correlated with this.

The question I asked was: “If you could make some changes to your home, what would you choose?”
The number one answer was more storage space, followed closely by get rid of clutter and in third place, to have bigger rooms.

It was because of those replies that I finally decided to write a book I had been considering for a while. An interior design ebook giving you space saving ideas and storage solutions to make your home look bigger and maximise your space.

So I’m delighted to announce the launch of: Move Into a Bigger Space Without Moving at All – 52 ideas to make your home look bigger and maximise your space.


How a Small Cluttered Loft Became an Oasis of Relaxation

Loft Bedroom -

This small loft bedroom is filled with smart storage solutions; and a decorating scheme that adds bright touches of colour and makes the most of the beautiful natural light.

But when interior designer Kia Sunda first saw the loft space of this home in Highbury, North London, it was cluttered and cramped. Out of sight from the rest of the house, it had become a bit of a dumping ground for discarded furniture and other items that had no real place anywhere else in the house.


Small Spaces: A Small Apartment with Space for Everything

Living area and home office of small apartment

Mike’s small New York apartment is an airy, calm and organised space with masses of clever storage solutions. It’s hard to believe that it is less than 500 square feet in size; but it shows just how much you can do with small spaces, with some clever design and planning.

But it wasn’t always this way …


7 Ways to Make Your Hallway Feel Bigger

7 ways to make your hallway feel bigger

The hallway is often the most cramped and cluttered part of the home. Space is very limited, and its design given less thought than other rooms. But your hallway is possibly one of the most important spaces in your home. It is the first impression your guests receive of your home. More importantly, the entrance hall is the first area you see when you come through your front door.

Entering a bright airy space is a welcome sight to come home to and can help set the tone for the rest of your place. Even if space is tight, there are tricks to make it feel bigger.

Here are some tips and ideas that will make your hallway look and feel larger than it really is.


Modern Furniture: Coffee Bench

Modern furniture wood Coffee Bench

Space saving design and multi-functional products are two areas of interior design that fascinate me.

The Coffee Bench caught my eye as it is a piece of modern furniture that combines these two elements. Designed by Karolina Tylka of the Polish design studio BEYOND, the Coffee Bench is a simple but clever concept. It functions as both a bench and table; adjusted and transformed by rotating the elements of the bench.