The Perfect Pairing That Is Bookshelves And Stairs

The perfect pairing that is bookshelves and stairs - on Mocha Casa blog

Stairs are a fascinating architectural element.

Always dynamic, they transport us from one place to the next, from one floor to another. A staircase can be a design feature in its own right.

Much like stairs, books also take you on a journey. They can transport you to another place, another world or another time. Which may be why, when you blend the two together you have the perfect interior pairing. And the resulting staircase bookshelf is something magical.


Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plant Shelfie II

Plants on Pacco Floating Drawer from Mocha

Last time I took part in the plant shelfie challenge for Urban Jungle Bloggers, I created a little indoor garden scene on a shelf in my home office.

This time around I thought it might be interesting to create a few different vignettes and experiment  with  different shapes and textures. Especially as I just picked up a collection of new plants yesterday for a photo-shoot for the launch of our new shelf.


How to Use Bookshelves to Maximize Storage Without Minimizing Your Living Space

Arrow Bookends - MochaWhat do you do if you have limited space in your home, but a large selection of books? How can you make your interior appear streamlined and spacious, without downsizing your beloved collection?

Books really give a room character. Being surrounded by your favourite books can be a source of optimism and delight, memories and emotions. And that’s even before taking them off the shelf!