A Day Of Design In Dublin

River Liffey Dublin - Day of Design

A few days ago I had a rare treat – and a very special day trip. I went on my first ever visit to Dublin (together with my parents), to see the city where my mother spent much of her childhood.

It was still dark when we left London and as we flew towards the coast of Ireland morning was just breaking.


A Cosy Bedroom at the Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam

Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam cosy bedroom from Mocha UK blog

Now that autumn is here with colder weather and the nights drawing in earlier, doesn’t this room look like a snug place to hibernate for a while?

This cosy looking bedroom with its sloping wood-beamed roof is one of the five star rooms at the Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam.

It is an unusual hotel, with an even more surprising history, as I discovered.


7 Design And Productivity Links To Make You Smile

Image from calm.comWhat’s the secret to becoming more productive without burning yourself out?
How are colour trends predicted?
And will you miss anything if you need to quickly dash out of that film you’re watching in the cinema?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, then you’ll love this week’s compilation of design and productivity links.

Feel Calm

Have you ever felt stressed at work, needed to escape somewhere more peaceful for a few minutes but you’re just not able to get out of the office? Swissmiss has found the perfect solution for you. Listen to the sounds of the sea and watch the waves, as you take a few deep breaths. Feel like you’re sitting in a field with the wind gently rustling the grass or listen to the sound of a gentle waterfall flowing into a pool of water. All this while never leaving your desk.