The Perfect Pairing That Is Bookshelves And Stairs

The perfect pairing that is bookshelves and stairs - on Mocha Casa blog

Stairs are a fascinating architectural element.

Always dynamic, they transport us from one place to the next, from one floor to another. A staircase can be a design feature in its own right.

Much like stairs, books also take you on a journey. They can transport you to another place, another world or another time. Which may be why, when you blend the two together you have the perfect interior pairing. And the resulting staircase bookshelf is something magical.

There’s also a practical aspect to them. If you’re a bookworm who doesn’t have enough room on your shelves, using the wall space alongside the staircase (that would otherwise be wasted) creates an ideal storage solution for your book collection. And instead of hiding them away, turns your books into a focal point.

Shelves and stairs on Mocha Casa Blog

If you’re anything like me, who derives such pleasure simply from looking at shelves filled with books, then that journey up and down the stairs would become one filled with inspiration.

Wood stairs and white bookshelves - on Mocha Casa blog

And this one is like a blank page just waiting to be written on – or in this case, filled with books.

Stairs with built in bookshelf

Shelves don’t only have to be on the wall alongside the stairs. Some architects and designers have come up with very creative solutions to combine the two. The sides of the treads themselves can be made into bookshelf.

Stairs with wood bookshelves on Mocha Casa Blog

They can be within the stair risers between the treads …

Shelves for books within the risers of the stairs on Mocha Casa Blog

Living room with shelves for books in the risers of the stairs

Or even behind the stairs as in this inspired home office design.

Home office with shelves in the back of the stairs

Do you like the idea of combining bookshelves with stairs? Which design is your favourite?

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