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About Mocha Casa and Sarah

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris (19th century British Designer)

Hi – I’m Sarah co-founder of Mocha Casa – part interior blog, part online home store.

Launched in 2000 together with my husband Samuel, Mocha was born out of a shared passion for beautiful design and interiors. It’s a style that combines the simplicity and minimalism of Scandinavian design with warm Mediterranean style integrated with Biophilia: bringing the outside in, blending nature and natural elements with your interior. It’s where design and interiors meets happiness and wellbeing.

I’m a writer, avid reader, with a love for travel, film and music. I’m also a trained Pilates instructor who’s endlessly fascinated about the world around us. All of these things (and Samuel, who is a furniture designer/maker) have helped to shape my design style and philosophy:

Our environment can have a profound effect on us. Architecture and interiors can lift our mood, inspire, invigorate, or help us to relax.

So join me on a journey as we discover together how to enhance our lives with the help of design: to simplify, add some serenity in our hectic schedules; create a healthy space, become more organized and productive, and ultimately – happier.