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Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants and Coffee

Urban Jungle Bloggers Plants and Coffee

This month’s topic for Urban Jungle Bloggers brings together two of my favourite things: Plants and Coffee. The theme instantly brought to mind images of sitting outside surrounded by nature and greenery, sipping an aromatic cup of coffee.  It’s always a simple, but blissful pleasure to savour. Whether sitting on a balcony, in a garden or at an outdoor cafe

But since the weather is still too cold for sitting outdoors, I had an idea: why not bring the outside in and turn an area of my lounge into an extension of the balcony?


New Trend Alert: Indoor Trees

Indoor trees

The trend for bringing more biophilic design into our homes just keeps on growing (literally!)

It began with the resurgence of house plants. For a while considered a bit outdated, plants have now become almost essential home accessories, that no stylish interior can be without.

But you may have noticed that the trend has recently gone a step further – with indoor trees.


Urban Jungle Bloggers: My Plant Shelfie

urban jungle bloggers plant shelfie

I was quite excited for the challenge of this month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers post which was to style a plant ‘shelfie’.

It was also something of a celebration, because I recently had a clear-out in my home office and decluttered the shelves. So now I have room to display some plants and beautiful objects on them.


Urban Jungle Bloggers: There’s Biophilia In Store

Biophilia in retail design - Urban Jungle Bloggers

A few weeks ago, when I received the email from Igor and Judith about this month’s Urban Jungle Blogger’s topic, my first thought was: where could I go to find some inspiring ideas? Because the theme for May is “Greens in cafés, shops & restaurants”.

And then I remembered some photos I took one very rainy day back in February …


The Secret To A Luxurious Home

Luxurious bedroom with four poster bed

What makes a home feel luxurious?

I recently had a really interesting discussion with a friend on this very subject. And we realised that it isn’t just one obvious thing.

Sometimes, you walk into a place and it feels right – it just works. A home doesn’t have to be large or have expensive furnishings.

On the contrary, a house can be big, yet feel cavernous and cold. Or it can still look a cluttered mess, despite its size. Whereas a small space can have a luxury boutique hotel feel about it.

An interior filled with opulent furniture isn’t always a luxurious one. Sometimes, it can have the opposite effect. Have you ever walked into an ostentatiously decorated room that made you feel uncomfortable, and perhaps a little overwhelmed?

The secret is that there are several elements that can help give a home an air of luxury. And I thought I’d share with you how to make your home feel luxurious.


5 Ways To Bring Spring Into Your Home

Spring is in the air. Buds and blossoms are beginning to emerge on the trees, birds are singing and the days are getting longer. Those brighter, warmer and sunnier days will soon be back again!

So it’s time to clear away those winter cobwebs, and freshen up your home for the season ahead. Here are some ways you can bring spring into your home.


A Bench That Blends Seating With Nature

Saturnia grass bench by Philippe Nigro on Mocha UK

After talking all about biophilia and biophilic design last week, I was thrilled to discover this beautiful bench on Freshome.

The Saturnia Bench is a creative piece of furniture that combines seating with nature. Made of natural stone, a central island of lush green grass flows down its length. And it is bordered by squares and rectangles of differing sizes which serve as seats. It’s a great example of biophilic design.


Why Plants Are More Than Just An Interior Trend

Plant wall divider from Mocha UK blog

A few months ago I visited the International Furniture Fair in Cologne. One of the main trends I noticed was how many exhibitors had chosen to include plants as decor accessories in their room sets.

I particularly liked this very creative idea where potted plants have been used to dramatic effect. On a slightly smaller scale, wouldn’t this make such a great idea for a room divider?

For a few years, it seemed that having house plants was regarded as a bit passé. But plants are definitely back – and are set to become a big trend.

Plants make stunning decor accessories that add some living beauty to your interior. And sculptural foliage can be used to create a striking focal point in a room.


Inspired By Nature

Illuminated cloud Inspired by Nature

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re sitting at your desk trying to write a blog post, find inspiration or resolve a problem. But nothing comes. You draw a blank. Cooped up in your room, the creativity doesn’t flow.


Urban Jungle Bloggers: Spring Styling

Mediterranean Vignette from Mocha

I am really happy to be joining the Urban Jungle Bloggers this month.

If you haven’t come across it before, Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series initiated by two bloggers: Igor of Happy Interior Blog and Judith of Every month a group of bloggers join up and share ideas to create an urban jungle through styling ideas, DIYs, green tips and tricks. And each time there is a different theme. It’s a great way to get inspiration for adding more biophilia into your home.

This month’s topic is green Spring styling. And the challenge was to create a fresh Spring vignette or tabletop styling with green plants.

One of the first things that came to mind was to give it a Mediterranean theme. Because it seems so synonymous with spring. Warm sunny days, simple living, fresh ingredients, natural materials – and of course, herbs and plants.