7 Ideas For A Happy Home

7 ideas for a happy home including fresh fluffy towels and flowers

How do you feel when you come home and open your front door?
Does it bring a smile to your face and make you feel relaxed?
Or do you feel stressed as soon as you enter?

Here are some ideas for turning your home into your sanctuary: a haven where you can just chill and rejuvenate.  A place that makes you feel happy.


Getting Organized: What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do First

A woman getting organised in the home and dancing with her mopYour home feels chaotic and disorganised, but you just don’t know where to begin. You can’t even bear to look at the clutter, it’s so overwhelming. And yet you do … nothing. As if leaving it will make it go away. You’d rather do anything but clear the place up. Suddenly everything else seems more important:

‘I’ll start by clearing up the newspapers. Mmm that looks an interesting article from the Sunday supplement three weeks ago; don’t think I’ve read it yet. I’ll quickly skim through it before I throw it out …’

‘I’m really tired this evening, I just need to sit down and watch some TV. I have to be in the right frame of mind, I’ll start tomorrow.’

‘It’s going to take ages to get this place sorted out and I just don’t have the time. I’ve got so much on right now’

Yet, you know that you would be so much happier with a more organised and neat home. How do you overcome that hurdle?


The Magic of Home Accessories

Groups of Magnetic Vases used as table decorations

Home accessories are to interiors what a belt or striking piece of jewellery is to an outfit. They can change the entire look or mood of a room.

Accessories are able to turn a bland space into a warm and inviting one. They add personality to your home interior, stamping it with your own signature and style.


Herb Pots Recycled From Tins

Herb Pots made from recycled tins and painted in bright colours

Isn’t this a simple but really creative idea for recyling empty tins?


Have Your Ideal Home Now

Modern minimalist living room with over-sized grey sofa

We all have an image in our mind of our dream home.  It’s great to have goals to aspire to.

But it can be disheartening if we start to think we’ll only be happy if – for example – we have a home with more space; that we own, rather than rent; or have an extra room etc.  Sometimes, we even make ourselves miserable by denying ourselves things such as decent bookshelves or a new sofa, just because we don’t have our dream place yet.

Why not flip it around? There may be some aspects you physically can’t change – but you can improve on what you have to create your ideal home.