New Trend Alert: Indoor Trees

Indoor trees

The trend for bringing more biophilic design into our homes just keeps on growing (literally!)

It began with the resurgence of house plants. For a while considered a bit outdated, plants have now become almost essential home accessories, that no stylish interior can be without.

But you may have noticed that the trend has recently gone a step further – with indoor trees.

Biophilic design with indoor tree

Plants will enliven your home. But trees can really add dramatic impact.

An indoor tree is the perfect way to create a focal point in your room. Or to brighten up a boring corner. And depending on their scale, they can even work in small spaces.

Scandinavian interior with indoor trees

Because a tree makes such an interesting feature all on its own, keep the rest of your interior decoration fairly simple for greater impact. And give it some space, so as not to detract attention from it.

Indoor trees and staircase

Indoor trees are the perfect way to bring the outside in.

They add a sense of lushness to your interior. And will give your home a summer feeling all year round.

Bedroom with lemon tree

What do you think of the trend? Are you inspired to bring some biophilia into your home with indoor trees?

[Image credits: 1 – Gregoire de la Forrest | 2 – Kuth Ranieri | 3 – Fantastic Frank | 4 – Vicki Archer – Photography: Cara Coulson – via: Ros et Lis | 5: Styling: Lotta Agaton – Photography: Mikael Dubois – via: Gardenista ]