Where Modern Design Meets Nature: Southern Ocean Lodge

Great Room Fireplace MochaSouthern Ocean Lodge is a fusion of modern design and nature. If you’ve ever wanted to get away from it all to somewhere completely different, a place of total relaxation and a retreat from the stresses of every day. Then I think I have found just the place for you.

This unique boutique hotel is situated on Kangaroo Island in Southern Australia. Known as Australia’s Galapagos, the island features spectacular natural attractions, native wildlife and views of the South Ocean stretching toward the Antarctic. With more than a third of Kangaroo Island declared as a conservation or national park, it is the perfect place to explore and get close to nature. The climate is Mediterranean like, with warm summers and temperate winters.

Southern Ocean Lodge aerial view - Mocha

Set against this stunning natural backdrop is Southern Ocean Lodge. Twenty one glass fronted suites cantilever on the top of a secluded cliff along the coast, commanding mesmerising views of the sea below and a breathtaking wilderness setting.

Lodge Restaurant - Southern Ocean Lodge - Mocha

Designed to be a sanctuary of comfort and style, the modern interior combines understated luxury with a harmonious coastal colour scheme. You can clearly see that the owners have a passion for contemporary design. The modern furniture is bespoke and the decor features art works commissioned from local artisans. The hotel also uses solar power, rainwater harvesting, and composting management. It all comes together to create a unique eco chic style.

Ocean Retreat - Southern Ocean Lodge - Mocha

Each of the suites are designed so you can lie in bed and see the sea. Some feature a sunken lounge and hand cut limestone fireplace. And aren’t the bathrooms amazing?

Freestanding bath in Southern Ocean Lodge - Mocha

Great Room Southern Ocean Lodge Mocha

One of the highlights has to be the Great Room. With its floor to ceiling windows, it showcases the dramatic panorama to perfection. Contemporary wooden and upholstered sofas surround a suspended fireplace. While other seating faces towards the windows to watch the ocean. What an amazing place to relax, unwind or just take in the views!

Path to the Spa at Southern Ocean Lodge - Mocha

Set away from the lodge is a modern wellness spa, which is a destination of it’s own. Accessed by a wooden path along the cliff, you take in the fresh Antarctic air and dramatic views before reaching this private oasis of calm. The spa offers a range of traditional and cutting edge treatments in a beautiful interior for total rejuvenation.

Remarkable Suite at Southern Ocean Lodge - Mocha Blog

Southern Ocean Lodge balances nature, contemporary style, and luxury together with an incredible location. This is definitely a destination to add to my wish-list. How about you?

[Photo credits: Southern Ocean Lodge]


  1. I’m pretty sure that’s what heaven looks like! Ahh to dream….