Living Room Ideas Inspired By Scandinavian Design

Living room ideas inspired by Scandinavian design

The Scandinavian look is one of simplicity. It’s easy to live with and looks stylish too. It’s not hard to see why Scandinavian design is such a popular look for interiors right now.

Although it’s a look more often more associated with winter. (Conjuring up images of a cosy living room with thick knitted throws draped across the sofa and the soft glow from a cluster of candles on the coffee table.)  The style also works really well for the warmer months to create a light filled space with an uncluttered feel.

So if you would like to freshen up your space, here are some living room ideas inspired by Scandinavian design to help you create the perfect place to relax all year round.

Living room ideas inspired by Scandinavian design

The basic ingredients to give your living room some Scandi style are to keep it uncluttered, a monochrome colour scheme and some plants which add energy and contrast. But rather than black and white, opt for a softer combination of whites and a mix of greys.

Furniture with slim or tapered legs and floating pieces – like the sideboard above left – will give the appearance of lightness and will help make your room look bigger.

Tips to create a vignette with Scandinavian style

Rather than let surfaces become a clutter magnet, create a vignette that adds interest. With clever styling techniques, a few simple objects can be pulled together to create a beautiful feature. Notice how a single large leaf makes such an impact here.

Small living room ideas with a low sideboard and vertical gallery wall

If you have low ceilings, make them appear taller with low level furniture, and create a gallery wall with pictures hung vertically to draw the eye up.

While rustic elements add contrast and help keep the feel of the room relaxed.

Scandinavian living room ideas

If your room has to fulfil more than one purpose, keeping a monochrome colour scheme and similar style elements for your furniture helps anchor everything together. A rug can be used to zone a seating area. And choose one piece to add some contrast, such as this tan leather seat.

Living room ideas including a home office area

Use awkward nooks to their best advantage. They can be an ideal spot for a small home office area.

Living room ideas - a reading corner and Scandinavian design

While, if the room is fairly spacious, you might want to break up the layout to create a seating area to watch TV and a separate reading corner for when you want to settle down with a good book.

It makes for a more dynamic space as there are different areas of the room to hold your attention.

Scandinavian living room with plants at the window

Substitute for an urban street view with some plants on your window sill. Otherwise keep the area as uncluttered as possible to allow the light in and make the room appear larger – especially if the room only has small windows.

Living room ideas - Scandinavian design and picture ledge shelves in wood

Add warmth and contrast with wood flooring and furniture. Pieces like these floating shelves offer you versatility as you can change the display as often as you like. They’re especially practical if you don’t have enough room for a sideboard to display home accessories.

Have these living room ideas inspired you to add some Scandinavian design to your home?

[Image credits: 1-2 – Elizabeth Heier | 3 – Stadshem | 4-5 & 7 – Entrance Makleri | 6 – Alvhem | 8 – Flair ]