Introducing A New Interior Design eBook About Small Spaces

Interior Design ebook - Move Into A Bigger Place Without Moving At All - Small Spaces - Mocha Casa

What is the biggest interior design dilemma you have with your home?
If it’s to do with not having enough space, then you’re not alone.

A study carried out by the University of Cambridge found that homes in the UK are among the smallest in Europe with the average new build now covering just 76 sq m!

And when I sent out a survey to some of our blog readers and customers, asking a question in a similar same vein, the replies I received correlated with this.

The question I asked was: “If you could make some changes to your home, what would you choose?”
The number one answer was more storage space, followed closely by get rid of clutter and in third place, to have bigger rooms.

It was because of those replies that I finally decided to write a book I had been considering for a while. An interior design ebook giving you space saving ideas and storage solutions to make your home look bigger and maximise your space.

So I’m delighted to announce the launch of: Move Into a Bigger Space Without Moving at All – 52 ideas to make your home look bigger and maximise your space.

I’m no stranger to living in a small home. The first home I shared with my husband was a tiny two bedroom flat above shops. It eventually accommodated a family of four of us for several years. It taught me a lot about living in small homes and gave me plenty of practical experience on how to optimise them.

So drawing on those experiences, I wrote this ebook to share with you some of the techniques and secrets I learned about small space living (as well as from knowledge gained working in and writing about design and interiors for over ten years).

I know all too well that moving isn’t always an option. But additionally, that there’s also much to be said for living in a smaller home when it has been well set up.In this interior design book you’ll discover out how to:

  • Maximise your storage
  • Ways to make your home look less cluttered
  • Give your home a more spacious look and feel
  • Look at your home through different eyes to find potential new storage solutions
  • Create a pleasant environment to live and work in
  • Have a more relaxed home that will help to simplify your life
  • Make your home more organised, so you can spend less time looking after it or hunting for things – and more free time to do the things you enjoy

Best of all, it’s absolutely free to download. Visit to get your free copy now.

Interior Design eBook Move Into A Bigger Place Without Moving At All - mochacasa

Then make yourself a coffee, relax and enjoy!

When you’ve finished the book I’d really appreciate it if you could do two little things:

  1. Share the ebook with others to help them optimise their homes.
  2. Come back and tell me – what were your favourite tips?