Inspired By Nature

Illuminated cloud Inspired by Nature

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re sitting at your desk trying to write a blog post, find inspiration or resolve a problem. But nothing comes. You draw a blank. Cooped up in your room, the creativity doesn’t flow.

Blossoms and palms - inspired by nature

So you decide to take a break, and go for a walk. Out in the fresh air, you’re calmed by the natural vistas. And you feel your senses re-awaken.

Then all of a sudden you get a whole new perspective on everything. Ideas come to you as if out of nowhere. Problems find solutions. You discover fresh inspiration.

Palm trees and sea - inspired by nature

How does this happen? It comes down to Biophilia. We have a need for connection with nature. It serves as a positive restoration for us. Exposure to nature reduces stress and irritability, induces relaxation. It stimulates creativity and gives us the increased ability to concentrate.

Double rainbow

There’s a beautiful scene in the film ‘The Power of One’ where Doc shows seven year old Peekay a whole new way to think and learn. He teaches him to go outside and experience nature.

Sunset over the hills inspired by nature

“Out here, your brain will learn where to look, how to look, and how to think.” Doc tells the lonely and recently orphaned boy as they walk through an expanse of wilderness under the vast blue African sky.

“Any question you ever have, the answer you will find in Nature – if you know where to look, and how to ask.”

Mangoes inspired by nature

Sunset from a plane - inspired by nature

Nature itself can serve as an inspiration. Colours, shapes, patterns, texture. Trying to find a colour palette for your interiors? Look at the ombre shades of the setting sun. Or the vivid feathers of a colourful bird.

Colourful bird inspired by nature

How to design something? Take a leaf out of Leonardo Da Vinci’s book and observe the natural worId.

Colourful leaf inspired by nature

It’s all there. You can find the answers in nature.

How does it inspire you?

[Photography by Sarah Ansbacher]