Giveaway: A Fun Vintage Style Typography Tea Towel

Vintage style typography tea towels from Mocha

Brightly designed tea towels are just the thing for making washing up more fun and to brighten up your kitchen. They also make great decor accessories to decorate your kitchen walls.

The ‘Lettered’ range of tea towels is a contemporary take on vintage style. The striking typography has been inspired by 20th Century wartime typographic posters and letterpress.

Each tea towel also features a quirky and amusing quote, which can’t help but make you smile.

Would you like to try and win one? Entering is very easy.
In the comments section below, please tell me:
Which tea towel would you like to win – and why?

Choose from: The Older You Get , Glass of Champagne , Where There’s Tea or  Cook With Wine .

A winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday 28 May 2013 (after 10.00pm UK time)
Good luck!

PS: There’s also going to be a little runner-up prize for everyone who enters … 🙂
PPS: As always, this competition is open to international readers too


  1. Laura Rydings says:

    Where there’s tea there’s hope….as I’m a hopeless cook so that’s my moto in the kitchen, my speciality dish being a cup of tea! 😉

  2. Izabela says:

    The Older You Get is my favourite, will be perfect for my kitchen poster, telling: “Do You know why bananas get black? Because they boxing each other, while You don’t watch” and I love bananas! :))

  3. Natalia says:

    Definitely the Wine-themed one! I always have half of a glass of wine whenever I´m full-on cooking, mainly because It boosts imagination and also goes great with the antipasti! Let´s face it, who can cook peacefully and efectivelly being hungry??

  4. Speaking as a banana, I would like the banana one.

    I remember when I was green and firm, but now I find myself yellow, thin skinned and getting browner every day.

    It’s only a matter of time before I’m blamed for spoiling the other fruit and consigned to the compost. This tea towel would help commemorate my plight and bring attention to the ageism that sees literally SOME bananas thrown away every week.

    That is all,

    Adam – old banana and proud!

  5. Definitely has to be “Where there’s tea, there’s hope”. With two toddlers who have me up at 5am every morning, tea is sometimes the only thing that keeps me alive and functional!

  6. I like “I always cook with wine….” This is exactly what I do. I think it is the cutest of them all.

  7. Sarah W says:

    I love Where There’s Tea There’s Hope and would be so happy to win it. I am a big tea drinker and find it to be very calming and relaxing on a tough day.

  8. I love love LOVE bananas, but I hate it when they get too ripe!! Naturally, a tea towel that reflects this notion would be most welcome in my home.

  9. Sian Oakes says:

    Definitely the tea one! As I’ve gotten older, I understand why my parents lived on tea! It lifts me up, calms me down and gives me strength.

  10. Phill Le Count says:

    Its true the older you get the better you become except there is only one good thing for an old banana, banana bread mmmmm

  11. rose phillipr says:

    There are definitely times when nothing but a glass of champagne will do – the day I married,the birth of my son and life itself mmmmm!

  12. I would love the banana tea towel to give to my mum for her 70th birthday this year, ….she is getting a little on the squishy side too, but at least she’s not vegetating!

  13. I would choose the TEA one. I always start my day with a nice cuppa, it’s a British legacy!

  14. Elaine Kneller says:

    The banana one makes me smile, I may be a bit bendy now, but not too squishy (yet).

  15. I always cook with wine – sometimes I add it to the food. So true! Right now, I have one (open) bottle and two closed awaiting my next cooking expedition. I’m thinking….kabobs.

  16. Catherine Gordon says:

    Ooh certainly Where there’s tea there’s hope – what would life be like without a decent brew?

  17. My favourite saying: I always cook with wine – sometimes I add it to the food
    A glass of wine helps inspiration when cooking and lets you dare try out any experimental ideas.

  18. It’s have to be the cooking with wine one … because I love booze!

  19. where there’s tea there’s hope
    because i love herbal and regular tea ..

  20. I would love “Where there’s tea there’s hope” for my wife.
    Since our daughter arrived 9 months ago, my wife rarely gets to drink her tea as it’s gone almost always gone cold! She also seems to spend much of her time cleaning the kitchen. So this tea towel will make her smile and perhaps inspire her to take a risk and make a cup of tea, in the hope that she can drink it warm 🙂

  21. The banana one… just bc it makes me smile. 🙂

  22. I am in love with the one that is “Cook with wine”. That reminds me the times when I come to my parents to another city which is far far away from my house. We always cook together with my mother, we cook with wine (sometimes of course we add it to the food =D), laugh, speak a lot and enjoy the time we are together after long separation =) That is why this tea towel is so awesome for me . It will remind me the great time I spent with my dear parents 😉 Thank you for such great ideas you give us!

  23. Where there’s tea there’s hope.

    I was raised on a good glass of tea — good, as in tea with lemon, or tea with milk, or tea with a little Cointreau. Yes, there’s always hope!