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Interview with Igor Happy Interior Blog for Mocha blogIgor is a design and interior blogger – and passionate traveller – based in Munich, Germany. He writes ย Happy Interior Blog, and features beautiful home accessories, travel pieces and everything you need for a happy home. It’s a blog that can’t help but put a smile on your face!

With his infectious upbeat style, Igor shares with us here some of his own design inspirations and styling tips.

Describe your interior style in 5 words or less.
Colourful, unpretentious, personal and happy!

What is inspiring you right now?
With the dawn of a new season I am largely inspired by nature. The first sun rays after weeks of grey skies, the first signs of awakening in parks and gardens, the colourful blooms on the market stands.

I feel inspired by the refreshing power of upcoming spring and want to embrace the season through little tweaks in my home decor, too.

Which designer or designers most inspire you – and why?
I do admire the ‘old classics’, the big names such as Eames, Wegner, Jacobsen. I admire them for their visionary approach to design, for envisaging and pairing the aesthetics of form and function.

I also love Alexander Girard for his playful designs. But I also admire younger designers and design labels such as Konstantin Grcic, a Munich based industrial designer, for his sharp eye and edgy approach to design.

Green Harmony Cushion - home accessories

What do you think makes a house a home?
A house turns into a home once the owner puts his personality in it. I like to put it this way – if you have a first-time guest in your house who knows you, then the biggest compliment would be if he says: “This house is just you. It looks like you, it is you. I could tell from scratch that this is your house.” ย Then it has really turned into a home.

What are the three favourite home accessories that you have in your home?
Difficult question. But let me try. I particularly love one of my cushions that is green – reminiscent of spring – and reads “Green (on the backside) …means harmony (on the front)” (from H&M Home). I like the shape, the colour, the typography and how it feels. Plus I bought it right when I moved into my apartment.

I also love my aloe vera plant that I brought back from the island of Fuerteventura. I got it as a present in a local shop and was afraid it will die but it survived and adds a great vibe in my home.

And last but not least, I would pick my lovely La Lune screenprint (Double Merrick). It is so dreamy and since I am living in a rooftop apartment it reminds me that I am close to the moon. Closer than the others at least ๐Ÿ™‚

Aloe Vera Plant - Happy Interior Blog - Mocha Blog

Do you have a favourite styling tip? And what elements or furnishings help create the perfect room?
Since I live in a small apartment, I am paying attention to avoid clutter. So one of my tips is to use a little side table as a sort of stage for changing vignettes. This helps me to embrace my creativity and play around with styling and decoration without the need to go through the entire apartment.

I keep changing the arrangement on the side table and thus my home always feels refreshed with just a few tweaks. Oh and if you are a colour lover, go for a brightly coloured side table. Mine is sunny yellow!

What’s on your wish list for spring?
A weekend trip to a sunny place, two new Eames chairs in different colours, and a fabulous book with illustrated maps called ‘A Map of the World’.

Moon Poster - Igor Happy Interior Blog - Mocha Blog

Describe your perfect day …?
A perfect day is one that sets me free of any schedules and obligations. One where the morning sun wakes me up instead of the alarm clock. When I can indulge in a long breakfast while reading the newspaper or catch up with other blogs instead of rushing with my coffee-to-go to work.

One where I can find inspiration while roaming the city instead of sitting in the office. One where I can enjoy a great dinner with my beloved ones. That’s it pretty much!

Which city have you visited that has inspired you more than any other – and why?
Paris! The city has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that keeps enchanting me whenever I go there. I mean I’ve been to Paris like hundred times but every time I am magically inspired by the city, its architecture, its savoir-vivre, its shops, restaurants, streets, its lights.

If you could take a trip to one country you’ve never been to before. Which one would you choose?
Tricky. I am a passionate traveler and there are lots of countries on my to-visit list. But if I had to pick one country right now, I’d say Morocco. I am utterly inspired by its culture and – of course – interiors.

I love the handcrafted Moroccan details for ethnic inspired homes like their silverware, hammered metal, rugs, throws, cushions. I love Moroccan tiles, the colours and patterns. The whole use of water in homes, the gardens. I think it is a bit like an oriental fairy tale I have in mind. So well, I would love to discover that sooner or later.

[Image credits: Igor – Happy Interior Blog]


  1. Your house is most definitely a home, my friend. Each time I’ve stayed there I’ve felt right at home and it just felt very, well, YOU! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thank you so much, Sarah! And Will, thank you too for the nice words.

  3. Hello,

    What a great and in-depth interview.
    Really enjoyed reading this.

    Now, here’s to spring x

  4. You’re a lovely positive force Igor. Always put a smile on my face. I hope you get everything on your wish list for spring!