My Design Style With Eleni From My Paradissi

My Paradissi EleniEleni is an architect, interior designer and blogger. Based in Heraklion, Crete, she writes the blog My Paradissi. An “online design paradise”, it is filled with stunning images and inspirational interiors (and is one of my favourite blogs).

She also recently started a second blog called Grecian Paradise which is dedicated Greece and its beauties.

With her keen eye for beautiful design and aesthetics, Eleni shares with us here some of her own inspirations and interior design tips.

How would you describe your interior style?
Eclectic, casual, effortless, cozy. I’m attracted to uncluttered, bright spaces with Scandinavian, modern country and global influences.

What is inspiring you right now?
Anything bright and simple. Not to ‘designy’ or stiff, but spaces or things that vibrate a homey feeling. Seeing lots of such images online makes me wanna try harder and create interiors with such vibe for my clients (and myself).

Bedroom - Eleni Psyllaki - My Paradissi - Mocha UK

What design trends do you predict over the coming few months?
I’d like to see more of nude leather, blonde woods and copper. I just can’t have enough of these and they’re all so appropriate for the coming summer days!

Which designer or designers do you most admire – and why?
At this point I just adore the happy and effortless style of Emily Henderson. Every single space she decorates is so gorgeous!

What would be your dream personal space?
A small cottage with beautiful outdoors, with a shady pergola and an amazing view to the sea. I’d love to have a killer view from my home office window and spend my evenings after work on the terrace with friends.

What are your three favourite home accessories? 
I love my white metallic canopy bed, my sturdy wooden coffee table and the three vintage marble candlesticks. These were made by my sculptor uncle back in the 80’s and had been forgotten inside a cabinet for years. They are so up to date now. I’m so happy to have found them!

candlesticks - eleni of my paradissi - Mocha

Do you have a favourite styling tip? And what elements or furnishings do you think help create the perfect room?
I believe that proper lighting is the easiest and quickest way to a decor paradise. I love creating pools of light in my interiors, with a floor or a table lamp and lots of string lights on the walls or wrapped around furniture.

What’s on your wish list for spring?
I’m currently looking to update my bedding. I’m thinking of some linen fabric in natural tones. Love the touch of linen and it is so great for the warm summer days, don’t you think?

Describe your perfect day …?
Wake up, make some hot coffee and head into my home office. Browse through favourite sites and blogs for inspiration, socialize and then get down to work, designing favourite projects. Lunch break and back to work till late afternoon, then have some friends over at home, chat and have fun.

Living Room by Eleni Pysllaki of My Paradissi on Mocha UK Blog

Which city have you visited that has inspired you more than any other – and why?
Marrakech. I fell in love with the colorful, vibrant way of living in this Moroccan city. The open markets and the souks are a feast for the senses!

If you could take a trip to one country you’ve never been to before. Which one would you choose?
I’d love to go to the US one day. With blogging, I’ve come to meet lots of amazing people from there, get to know their habits and daily routines, their style and attitudes and also seen tons of intriguing places, stores and buildings I’d love to see from up close.

Finally, how do you like to relax when you’re not working?
I love to visit the countryside, smell the salty sea breeze, touch the ground with my bare feet and feel the warm sun on my skin. An absolute necessity to keep me balanced.

[Images: Eleni – My Paradissi]