7 Creative Gift Wrap Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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A Valentine’s Day gift is so much more than just about the present. It’s an expression of your feelings.

The gift is really only a token to how much you care about that special someone. It’s the thought that goes into it that matters so much more.

That’s why, when it comes to a Valentine’s Day gift, presentation is everything.

So here are some creative gift wrap ideas to give your Valentine present maximum impact.

Heart cut out gift wrapping for Valentine's Day

Heart cut out gift wrapping

This stunning Valentine gift wrapping idea is stylish, yet understated.  It uses two layers of different coloured paper to achieve a 3D heart effect. And best of all, it’s so easy to re-create.

Gift wrapped books for Valentine's Day

Valentine gift wrapped books

Book are such a romantic choice of gift. And if the object of your affections is a book lover, they’ll absolutely love a selection of books wrapped up together like this.

Gold foil love gift wrapping for Valentine's Day

Gold foil love letter gift wrap

Transform simple white gift wrap or tissue paper with some bold gold foil letters that spell out the word LOVE. Wrap the letters around the side and place them randomly on the gift for even more impact.

Kraft gift box with multi-coloured hearts for Valentine's Day

Kraft box with multi-coloured hearts

A plain kraft box is a versatile base to make some great little gift boxes. For this design, cut out some hearts from a selection of different coloured papers. Then stick on the box in a grid like pattern and you have the perfect little gift box in which to present your Valentine gift.

Valentine's Day heart garland gift wrap

Heart garland gift wrap

Here’s another way with paper cut out hearts. Punch holes through them and then thread them through twine wrapped around your gift for a garland like effect. You could also try experimenting with different coloured yarns and twine wrapping techniques for an array of different looks.

Valentine's Day paper rose gift topper

Paper rose gift topper

Nothing says romance quite like roses for Valentine’s Day. Which is why this gorgeous rose makes the perfect gift topper. And it looks remarkably realistic, even though it’s made from paper.

Valentine''s Day Gifted Gift Bows

Gifted gift bows

When time is short and there is no time to do any kind of crafting, these handy red Gifted gift bows come to the rescue. Place one over any object to turn it into an instant gift. They are also great if you’ve bought your Valentine an awkward shaped present that is difficult to wrap.

Which gift wrapping idea is your favourite?

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