How To Create A Cosy Reading Nook In Your Home

Reading Nook Scandinavian Style

When autumn arrives and the weather cools we tend to spend more time indoors. So it’s a great time to do some little interior projects in your home.

If you’re a book lover, you’ll know that there’s no better way to escape for a few hours that to loose yourself in the pages of a good book. So why not turn an area of your home into a cosy reading nook; where you can relax on a comfy chair surrounded by some of your favourite novels?

The main ingredients for a reading corner

Reading corner Scandinavian style

The essential elements needed to create your reading corner are a designated little space in your home, somewhere comfy to sit – and of course – a good book.

Any small space can be used as a reading nook: a corner of your living or bedroom, an alcove in your hallway, an unused area next to a window or hidden out of the way in a loft can all make for a good location.

Hallway reading nook

Armchair for a reading nook

Reading chair

Your choice of seating will in part be determined by the space.

An oversized armchair is perfect for snuggling up on if you have the room. While a padded bench will work well if your reading area is under a window. You might even prefer a beanbag or some cushions scattered on the floor.

The most important thing is that it should feel inviting and comfortable.

Loft reading nook

Reading corner with bookshelves and books arranged in colour


Bookworms simply love being surrounded by their favourite novels. Even seeing them on the bookshelf creates a sense of immense pleasure. So if you have space in your reading corner, add some shelves for storing all your books.

You can also use baskets or a table with integrated storage for your reading material. Or if you prefer, keep it casual with a neat pile on the floor.

Lighting for a reading corner

Lighting your reading nook

Lighting is an important consideration. Natural daylight is always best, so if you can, position your nook near a window. However, for the evenings and on dull winter days (or if you prefer a quiet and darker spot), you’ll need a good reading light. Look for one that gives a warm light and it’s handy if it is adjustable too.

Cosy reading nook

Reading corner with plants


In order to keep your reading corner relaxed, don’t over decorate it. If it is positioned near a window with lovely view or filled with shelves, that’s probably all you need.

If not, you might want to personalise it with some decoration. Keep it simple with some artwork or add some pops of colour with bright cushions. And don’t forget some plants. They make the perfect accessory as they add life to the space and a sense of wellbeing.

Which of these reading nooks is your favourite? And do you have a reading nook in your home?

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