A Cosy Bedroom at the Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam

Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam cosy bedroom from Mocha UK blog

Now that autumn is here with colder weather and the nights drawing in earlier, doesn’t this room look like a snug place to hibernate for a while?

This cosy looking bedroom with its sloping wood-beamed roof is one of the five star rooms at the Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam.

It is an unusual hotel, with an even more surprising history, as I discovered.

Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam Building from Mocha UK blog

Located in a listed historical building situated on Amsterdam’s trendy Eastern Docklands, it is the world’s first one to five star hotel. And it has become a hub for artists, musicians and travellers from all over the world

It was built in 1921 by the Royal Holland Lloyd Shipping Company as hotel for migrants on their way from Eastern Europe to the Americas. Then, during the Second World War the Germans converted it into a prison for members of the resistance. Afterwards, it became a detention centre for collaborators and then continued to be used as prison for young offenders.

From the early 1990s it became a live/work space for artists until it was renovated and finally reopened as a hotel in 2004.

Bar of the Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam from Mocha UK blog

Over forty Dutch designers and artists worked on the interior. The result is an eclectic design full of creative surprises and quirky twists.

Corridor of the Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam from Mocha UK blog

The hotel blends modern design with the historical architecture of the building and some of its original industrial design features. Contemporary furniture has been mixed with antique pieces from the 1920s. And it retains some of the design spirit from the time when the building served as artists’ studios.

Lloyd Hotel combines intimate spaces with open plan. There are mezzanine platforms for exhibitions and events, a large restaurant and bar, and a library.

Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam library from Mocha UK blog

The hotel also has its own Cultural Embassy that specialises in arranging showings and presentations of Dutch culture and the culture of guests. These events take place throughout the building and create links between guests and artists in Amsterdam.

Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam 3 star room from Mocha UK blog

There are 117 hotel rooms and each one has a different design. From a one star room with industrial features alluding to its shipping past, to rooms with soaring big windows and views of the river. There is even one that contains a baby grand piano.

Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam high windows from Mocha UK blog


Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam Room 222 from Mocha UK blog

Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam classic music room from Mocha UK blog

But for me it’s still that cosy bedroom under the eaves in the loft that’s the winner.
What about you?

[Images: Lloyd Hotel Credits 1 – Allard van der Hoek | 2 – Yamandu Roos | 3 – Design: Richard Hutten Studio Photography: Daria Scagliola & Stijn Brakkee | 4 – Gang Inga Powilleit | 5 – Yamandu Roos | 6 – Allard van der Hoek | 7 – Lloyd Hotel | 8 – Tineke Beunders | 9 – Atelier van Lieshout – Rob ‘t Hart Photography]