How To Use Colour In Your Home Office To Increase Productivity

Home office in grey and white

If you work from home, you’ll know how easy it is to get distracted. And how hard it can sometimes be to concentrate.

You probably already realise that clutter doesn’t help. (Neither does Facebook, that pile of dishes or thinking about the washing that needs to go into the machine.)

But here’s a simple design trick that could help increase your productivity: the use of colour.

Yes, colour has far more benefits than brightening up our homes – and lives. It can also have a strong effect on our moods. And colour psychologists have long been aware that certain hues will influence the way we work.

So why not harness the power of colour in your home office to increase productivity?

Blue home office


Research has shown that people are more productive in blue rooms. Because of this, the colour is often used to decorate offices.

Blue is a calm colour that represents serenity and tranquility. So it’s a great choice if you often have to work under pressure.

Green home office


Green is the most prevalent colour in our natural environment, so is a great colour to paint your office walls. And because it doesn’t cause eye fatigue, it is ideal if you work long hours.

Researchers have also discovered that green can improve reading ability.

Red home office


If you need some get up and go to get more tasks done, try painting the walls of your home office in red. It is a lively colour that adds energy and increases enthusiasm. It will encourage action and give you greater confidence.

White home office


If your workspace is small, white can help create a sense of space and give it a less cluttered feel.

The colour of simplicity, it aids mental clarity. And like a fresh sheet of paper, helps create space for new ideas.

On it’s own, white can be sterile. So think about adding some warmth with accessories or warm wooden flooring.

Home office with yellow accents


Yellow is an optimistic colour. It lifts the spirit, encourages communication and boosts creativity. So if you work in a creative field, or alongside other people, bring some yellow into your home office.

However, too much can be overwhelming. It can cause fatigue and put strain on the eyes. So think of using yellow as an accent colour by way of accessories, or in combination with another colour.

Grey home office


Grey can create a sense of calm in a stressful world. And provides a stable base from which new ideas can stem. So if you need a relaxing atmosphere to write or blog, grey walls might help create that mood for you.

However, because grey doesn’t energise or excite, it could suppress your energy. So think about using it in combination with a brighter, more vibrant, colour.

Turquoise home office


Turquoise creates a heightened level of creativity.  And according to research, it’s the best colour to stimulate new ideas and boost motivation.

It helps with clear thinking, decision making and organisation.

In addition, turquoise is calming and uplifting, so can recharge our spirits when we’re stressed or tired. So even if you don’t decorate your home office in this colour, consider adding some turquoise accessories.

You could even have some office and desk accessories in a selection of different colours. And change them depending on whether you need to be energised, get creative, be calm or communicative.

What is your favourite colour for a home office?

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