Herb Pots Recycled From Tins

Herb Pots made from recycled tins and painted in bright colours

Isn’t this a simple but really creative idea for recyling empty tins?


Have Your Ideal Home Now

Modern minimalist living room with over-sized grey sofa

We all have an image in our mind of our dream home.  It’s great to have goals to aspire to.

But it can be disheartening if we start to think we’ll only be happy if – for example – we have a home with more space; that we own, rather than rent; or have an extra room etc.  Sometimes, we even make ourselves miserable by denying ourselves things such as decent bookshelves or a new sofa, just because we don’t have our dream place yet.

Why not flip it around? There may be some aspects you physically can’t change – but you can improve on what you have to create your ideal home.