A Small Duplex Apartment That Will Take Your Breath Away

Airy duplex apartment in Gothenburg

Have you ever noticed that the interiors of small homes are often far more creative than larger ones? When space is limited, you have to be very inventive with it.

I recently came across this breathtaking little duplex apartment. And it illustrates perfectly what can be achieved with well-considered, innovative design.

Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, in a building dated from 1906, this unique one bedroom apartment measures just 62 square metres in size. But a combination of meticulous planning and styling together with amazing natural light and architectural features gives it a spacious and airy feel. And makes it appear much larger.

The epitome of Scandinavian design, there is so much to love about this apartment.


How To Use Colour In Your Home Office To Increase Productivity

Home office in grey and white

If you work from home, you’ll know how easy it is to get distracted. And how hard it can sometimes be to concentrate.

You probably already realise that clutter doesn’t help. (Neither does Facebook, that pile of dishes or thinking about the washing that needs to go into the machine.)

But here’s a simple design trick that could help increase your productivity: the use of colour.

Yes, colour has far more benefits than brightening up our homes – and lives. It can also have a strong effect on our moods. And colour psychologists have long been aware that certain hues will influence the way we work.

So why not harness the power of colour in your home office to increase productivity?


Why Minimalism Is Back

Minimalist lounge and fireplace

Take a look at your iPhone, the layout of the google home page, and the vast majority of design blogs. Or a selection of some of the most popular interiors on Pinterest right now. The one thing they all have in common is a simple, clean-lined design aesthetic.

Minimalism is back.

Because our lives have become so complicated and frenetic. And the world so uncertain. We want our homes to be simple and uncomplicated. And that is what minimalist design helps to give us.


7 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Happy Haven For Winter

Hygge, throw and candles

Now that the clocks have gone back for winter and it gets dark earlier, it can feel quite gloomy and miserable. And with colder weather setting in, you’ll probably be spending more time indoors.

So here are some ways to brighten up your home and turn it into a happy haven for the winter months.


How To Add Modern Antiquity Style To Your Home

Ancient Modern Staircase

The ultimate contrast of old and new. Modern Antiquity is one of the freshest trends in interior design.

The perfect style to give your home some unique personality; it adds layers of depth and interest to contemporary interiors.

The key to this look is simplicity. Choose one or two elements to introduce into a room. And create a balance between the ancient and modern. The effect doesn’t have to be too perfect. On the contrary – just like the rustic look – some wear is part of the appeal.

Here are some ways you can integrate a taste of the style, adventure, and mystery of ancient meets modern into your home.


Is Your Home Making You Feel Negative? (And What To Do About It)

delete the negative, accentuate the positive

Do you have objects around your home that you dislike?

Perhaps you keep them around because you feel you have to. Or maybe out of a sense of guilt because they were gifts?

How do they make you feel each time you look at them? Do they bring back bad memories or make you feel negative?

When used as positive anchors,  home accessories really can make you feel happier. But conversely, if they have negative associations, the opposite is also true.


Beautiful Outdoor Living Rooms

outdoor living rooms from Mocha

Picture this.

It’s a hot summer day and you’re sitting in the garden on a comfy sofa, shaded from the sun. You’ve got a good book in your hand, and an ice cool drink on the table in front of you. What could be more perfect?

While writing the recent post on Mediterranean living room ideas I came across so many beautiful outdoor living spaces.

Spaces where the decor had been as well considered as any interior.

Throughout the Mediterranean, it’s common to find the garden or any outdoor area transformed into an extra living room for the summer months.


What Is A Shelfie?

Shelfie Bark Floating Shelves from Mocha

First there was the Selfie. Now the latest trend to hit social media is the ‘Shelfie’.

What is a shelfie? You may be asking.

It is a picture taken of your artfully styled shelves. Or a selection of your books displayed on your bookshelf. The image is then shared on social media (Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest) with the hashtag #shelfie.


10 Mediterranean Living Room Ideas

Living room ideas and home accessories

Are you looking to give your living room a fresh new look for spring and summer? Then why not take some cues from from around the Mediterranean region and give your room a sunny vibe (whatever the weather outside!). Just a few simple simple decorating updates can make all the difference.

Here are 10 Mediterranean living room ideas to inspire you.


Decorating With Light And Shadow

Architecture of Villa F - light and shadow on Mocha UK

Have you ever noticed that so many architectural homes have predominantly white interiors? 

When a home has interesting features, it doesn’t need much decoration. Sometimes the best thing is to keep it simple.  Let the architecture do the talking. And the interplay of light and shadow becomes the decorating.

Too much colour or pattern might detract from the shapes and obscure the details. Whereas the contrast between the light and dark shadows creates depth. And it can also be very atmospheric.