5 Ways To Bring Spring Into Your Home

Spring is in the air. Buds and blossoms are beginning to emerge on the trees, birds are singing and the days are getting longer. Those brighter, warmer and sunnier days will soon be back again!

So it’s time to clear away those winter cobwebs, and freshen up your home for the season ahead. Here are some ways you can bring spring into your home.

Off The Wall Pots from Mocha

1) Bring the outside in

Add some lush green plants to your home and discover the benefits of biophilia. You’ll be amazed at the difference a few plants can can make to your interior. They add some instant vitality and bring your rooms to life. And in turn, help make you feel more energised too.

(And this lovely Rainmaker will help make it a pleasure to take care of them.)

Rainmaker Plant Watering Cloud Watering Can from Mocha


2) Spring clean

Declutter your home. Get rid of all that extra baggage that feels like it is weighing you down and stifling you. Wash the windows and let in the light. Then give your home a good dusting to sweep away the winter sluggishness.

Hands On Salad Bowl by Joseph Joseph from Mocha

3) Fresh salads

Swap the comfort food for delicious, colourful salads. It will make you feel good both inside and out. Crunchy lettuce, hydrating cucumbers, and sweet juicy tomatoes.  Not only will they promote your  wellbeing, but after months of harsh weather and central heating, they will give your skin a real boost too.

Lampshade Blowing Poppies from Mocha

4) Add some flowers

Flowers have a feel good factor. Their beauty lifts the spirits. So bring some colour and instant happiness by introducing flowers into your home.

How about placing a vase of sunshine yellow daffodils to your table? Or, you could also add flowers by way of home accessories; such as a lampshade, cushion cover or a wall hanging with a floral print.

Table Set olive oil, salt and pepper from Mocha

5) Embrace Mediterranean living

The Mediterranean lifestyle is all about taking pleasure in the simple things in life. And appreciating the beauty in the every day.

Enjoy a meal of simple and natural ingredients like olive oil and fresh herbs – shared in the company of good friends or family.

Take some time to go for a walk and admire the beauty of the changing seasons.

And take pleasure in the new touches in your own home, refreshed for spring.

[Images – Mocha]