Easy Ways To Add The New Minimalist Look To Your Home

Minimalist living room with plants

When you picture a minimalist interior, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s an all white room with a sterile feel; the kind of look that was popular back in the nineties.

Minimalism is back, but this time it is different. Warm and comfortable, it blends a pared-down feel with contemporary, rustic and natural elements. The result is a simplicity that is easy to live with and turns our homes into a sanctuary away from the hectic world outside.

The new minimalist look works so well for the way we live our lives today and it’s easy to add into your home – whatever your interior style.

Pacco Floating Drawer in Birch White from Mocha Casa


The first step is to declutter your stuff and to keep only that which you love or need. Display a curated collection of your objects and home accessories, rather than keeping everything on display. You can derive great enjoyment by switching thing around every so often; which means your home will always have a fresh new look.


Having a minimalist home doesn’t have to mean living without possessions. It’s more about having a place for everything. The key is having good storage solutions.

It’s also important to think of your storage as part of the overall scheme, rather than as an afterthought. You can either paint it the same colour as the walls so that it recedes into the background. Or alternatively, make a feature of it so that it becomes part of the decor.

Minimalist bedroom


Consider your interior. Not just the objects, but also the space between them. Give your furniture and accessories room to breath. It’s all about balance.


Add wood into your home for a warm and organic feel.  You can do this by way of flooring, furniture or accessories (or a combination of them).

Minimalist Scandinavian bedroom


Greenery and other natural elements add vitality and will give your home an outside in feel.

Minimalist staircase with stone wall and wood floor


Introduce different textures to add layers of interest and contrast to your interiors. Think of natural textures like wood and stone and soft furnishings in different fabrics.

Minimalist bedroom interior with black wall

Scandinavian minimalist living room with Eames chairs and plants


Keep window dressing simple to allow as much natural light in as you can. This creates a sense of space and well-being.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to paint all your walls white, and can add some colour if you would prefer. In fact, black walls are popular right now in many minimalist interiors.

However, white does help to reflect and bounce light around, which increases a feeling of space in smaller rooms. It also allows the richness of natural materials like wood and stone to become a focal point.

Do you like the new minimalist look?

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