5 Ways To Use The Grass Floating Shelf

Grass Floating Shelf from mochacasa

Do you want some extra storage space around your home? And would you like to bring the outside in by adding more greenery to your interior? If so, then the new Grass Floating Shelf will tick the boxes for you.

Just launched online in the Mocha Casa store, this versatile, organically shaped floating shelf will add some verdant green to your walls. It’s a great way to add an element of biophilic design. But even more, it can be used to serve many different functions.

Here are five of the ways you could use Grass Floating Shelves in your home.

Grass floating shelf as a console table - from mochacasa

1) Hallway

In a narrow hallway, the shelf can work like a console table. Use it as a landing strip when you come in the door to put down your keys, phone, wallet and other essentials. That way, when you leave the house everything is there for you in one place. It will save you that frantic hunt for the car keys when you’re already running late.

Grass Floating Shelf bedside table from mochacasa

2) Bedside table

If you’d like something more contemporary to use as a bedside table, the curved softened edges of the floating shelf make it ideal for use next to your bed. It’s just the right size to hold your book and other essentials. And it will lend a fresh and airy touch to you your decor.

Grass floating shelf is ideal for use as a kitchen shelf

3) Kitchen

If you’re a fan of open shelving, here’s a great way to make a feature in your kitchen. As a kitchen shelf, you can use it to display your herbs, spices and condiments. Or how about as a place to grow fresh herbs which you can then use to enhance your cooking?

Grass floating shelf book shelf from mochacasa

4) Bookshelf

Love books? Hang one in your living room and let your favourites take pride of place. If you have too many to choose from, you can create a whole lawn of them!

They’re also a useful way to brighten up the walls of a home office.

Grass Floating Shelf plant shelf from Mocha Casa

5) Plant shelf

Let’s not forget plants. What could be a more perfect setting to display your succulents, trailing plants and other lush botanical specimens to create a veritable indoor garden?

Can you think of any other ways to use the Grass Floating Shelf?

[Image credit: Mocha Casa]