5 Things To Love About This Window Seat

Window seat with bookshelves and storage on mochacasa blog

Do you like window seats?

For me, they are one of those dream home features that hold such appeal. But when I came across the image of this one, I was completely smitten. It has all the ingredients for a perfect window seat.

Window seat features and highlights on mochacasa blog


Two rows of bookshelves filled with books for endless hours of pleasure delving into stories, and escape into a different time, place or world.

Angled seat

Unlike most window benches which are flat, this one has an angled design and padded cushions which would make it comfortable to sit back and relax. A place to read, think and dream or gaze out of the window. On a rainy day you could sit there with an aromatic cup of coffee and watch the drops slide down the window from your warm and cosy spot.


One of the best features of all is that the seat forms part of a spacious storage unit. This means you can hide all the clutter away in the roomy cupboards, hidden behind closed doors. And only display a carefully considered selection of objects. The result is a streamlined, calm and organised space.

Home decor accents

Sometimes it’s those little touches that make all the different. The plants that liven up the space. The vases and other selected accessories that add interest. And a throw to wrap yourself up in when the evening gets a little cool.


The clever arrangement, clean minimalist lines and Scandinavian style. It’s simple, beautiful design. With the additional armchair, footstool and ottoman side table, there’s everything you could want for a cosy reading nook.

Window seat with reading nook

I’d love a window seat like this in my home. How about you?

[Image: Alvhem – photography: Cim Ek ]


  1. How exciting! I love the window seat too so I can sitting there and enjoy reading my books!

  2. I agree with Lavues as she says “How exciting!”. It absolutely a brilliant window seat with book selves and storage. It has a unique design and looks like it doesn’t occupy much space.