5 Creative Headboard Ideas

Historically, the purpose of a headboard was to add some protection from the cold when homes were more poorly insulated. For this reason, they were usually made of wood.

Subsequently, headboards have become almost an essential feature in the bedroom. But now they are mainly decorative accessories that add a finishing touch to your bed.

As well as acting as a focal point, it is a quick way to introduce a new style element to change the look or mood of your room. With a dramatic design, you won’t need to add much other decoration, and can keep the rest of your bedroom simple and relaxed.

So rather than going for a conventional design, why not give your bedroom a fresh new look with something a little more original?  Here are five different creative headboard ideas to inspire you.

Rug Headboard

Rug Headboard - five creative headboard ideas from Mocha

Hang a rug or curtain on a pole above your bed to introduce some colour, pattern or texture to your bedroom. In the image above, the patterned rugs add the perfect balance to this monochrome design scheme. Rugs also have another benefit in that they help with sound proofing. This reduces echo and makes your bedroom feel much cosier.

Shutter Headboard

Shutter Headboard - 5 creative headboard ideas from Mocha

If you are looking for something simple and modern, how about using shutters? They add a stylish yet relaxed vibe to your bedroom. You’ll feel like you’re on holiday all year round!


Pillow headboard - 5 creative headboard ideas from Mocha

What a fun idea for a headboard. These pillows are perfect if you like reading in bed, as they’ll give you a really comfortable back rest. And just like the rugs, they provide additional sound proofing.

Floating Shelves

floating shelves - 5 creative headboard ideas from Mocha

Floating shelves are practical and make a beautiful decorative feature. They’re ideal if you have a small bedroom, because they give you additional storage space. And for a quick room update, simply change the display on your shelves.

Moss Headboard

Moss headboard - 5 creative headboard ideas from Mocha

Finally, what do you think of this headboard made from real moss? I’m not sure how practical it would be, but it looks amazing. If you like the look, you could try recreating it using synthetic grass or turf.

Which idea is your favourite? Please tell me in the comments below:

[Image credits: 1 – Wrightson Stewart | 2 – Ador by Melissa | 3 – Olivieri | 4 – Anouska Hempel Design | 5 – Lars Ploughmann ]


  1. Hello
    Thank you for a great post – very useful tips. One idea that I have used is decorating my bedroom with pieces that are very important to me and my family – some family photos, drawings by my kids etc. The key here is to choose only couple of most important ones and not overload your bedroom.
    Photos and other dear items add good relaxation value to the room and make it more cozy. The best part here is that it does not cost you a penny.
    Best Regards

  2. Great use of space….Shutter headboard looks perfect and the bedding also looks identical to mine.

  3. I want the floating shelves design. Looks so elegant.