10 Good Reasons To Have Plants In Your Home

Plants in the home

Plants appear to be everywhere right now. Open almost any design magazine or blog and you’ll find interiors filled with plants.

Increasingly, they are becoming an integral feature in the home. As more and more people rediscover the beauty of greenery, and how it can be used to enhance the decoration of any room.

But plants are so much more than just another interior trend. Because as well as looking attractive, there are many more benefits to having them.

So here are ten good reasons to have plants in your home.

Living room with indoor trees

1) Filter and clean the air

The quality of air indoors is often more polluted than the air outside, as it becomes trapped and stale. But did you know that plants can help to filter out air pollutants?

According to NASA, they can remove toxins and chemicals from the air. And because most plants release oxygen during photosynthesis, they increase the amount of fresh and clean air in your home too.

2) Improves your skin

Research has found a link between airborne pollutants – like dust – contributing to fine lines and facial wrinkles. But as mentioned, some houseplants help to filter harmful chemicals and dust from the air. Thereby improving the radiant appearance of your skin.

Interior with living wall of plants

3) Brings a room to life

Plants add vibrancy to interiors. A neutral colour scheme can be uplifted instantly with the addition of some gorgeous greenery. Or how about making a focal point of an otherwise boring corner with an indoor tree?

4) Helps reduce fatigue and stress

When we come into contact with nature and greenery, it decreases our levels of stress and irritability and make us feel more relaxed. It lowers our level of mental fatigue and gives us increased ability to concentrate.

Home office with plants

5) Improves creativity and productivity

An interesting study by the University of Exeter discovered that plants in the workplace can increase creativity by 45% and productivity by 38%. Further, they also increase our feeling of well-being. So don’t neglect your home office when it comes to adding more foliage around your home.

6) Give you a better night’s sleep

Plants induce relaxation. And that, together with the improved air quality they provide, will help you to sleep better.

Bedroom with plants

7) Reduces noise levels

Rooms without an echo where sound are absorbed are infinitely calmer ones. And here’s where our green friends assist once again; because they actively help to absorb and deflect sound through their flexible leaves. The result is more tranquil home with velvety sounds.

8) Beautiful scents

Instead of artificial air fresheners (which can be overpowering) why not introduce delicious aromas naturally? Plants like Eucalyptus and scented geranium or herbs like rosemary and oregano have lovely fragrances. And the beautiful scents of  lavender and jasmine promote relaxation too.

Scandinavian interior with plants

9) Interiors feel more spacious

Plants and indoor trees add depth and can change the perspective to make an interior feel more spacious. Blurring the edges of the room gives it the appearance of being larger than it actually is.

10) Makes a home feel luxurious

Plants add a sense of luxury to your home. The introduction of nature by bringing the outside in, gives your home a refreshing feel. It echoes the green of open spaces and outdoor vistas. Then there’s the clean air, plus relaxing environment they help promote. Together it lends your home the air of a chic boutique hotel. And some simple luxury to your every day.

Luxurious bedroom with palms

These are just some of the reasons to bring some greenery into your home. Not only do they enhance your decor, but they boost your wellbeing too.

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